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"Dr. Gustin demonstrates authenticity, passion, enthusiasm and expertise for psychological treatment. She brings a deep knowledge of psychology, including diagnosis and treatment, and a high level of professionalism and integrity. I’ve been extremely impressed with her work training our psychologist providers. She has skillfully handled extraordinarily complex cases and is a pleasure to work with. I’m pleased to offer her my highest recommendation."

- Omar Manejwala, M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist

"Few clinicians have the breadth of experience coupled with the depth of compassion that Erin brings to psychotherapy with young men and women. She is a personal inspiration to them as well. It was always a pleasure working with her through consultations on patients, and I highly valued her understanding of tricky or stubborn cases. I recommend her for anyone who seeks a knowledgeable, enlightened and empathic therapist for their team. She has a unique ability to reach patients, especially adolescents, with a clear recovery message that reinforces their intrinsic capacity to change, grow, and regain control of their lives. She empowers patients. She gives them solid direction. And, she does this with a calm and comforting demeanor that shows remarkable empathy and concern for a patient’s wellbeing. Erin would be my first choice if one of my family members would ever need help coping with addictive disease because of the trust she instills. I unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking a therapist for any personal difficulty."

"I had many opportunities to observe Erin’s skills as a therapist. Erin is very dedicated to her profession and cares deeply about her clients. She makes great strides during therapy and clients are always appreciative of the special way she communicates with them as well as the outcome of treatment. In the time that I have interacted with Erin, I have found her to be a polite, responsible, sincere, and an all-around well thought-of person. Her motivation and her ability to push her clients towards self-discovery is rare and incredible. Erin’s background and expertise with a very diverse and challenging client population prepares her for ongoing success in her chosen field. It is my great pleasure to know Erin and I give her my highest recommendation."

-Johnny Tock, MA, LPC

"Dr. Erin Gustin is a very talented therapist and balanced and ethical professional. She offers valuable insights and guidance with confidence and expertise. She is especially gifted in working with clients whose needs are complex and require very advanced clinical knowledge. She is consistently compassionate and kind, and a real asset to this profession."

-Andrea Sussel, MSS, LCSW

"Erin is a phenomenal therapist, friend and colleague. She creates a supportive, and nonjudgmental environment that facilitates growth and healing in her clients. Erin’s compassion and embodiment of both vulnerability and strength are testament to her ability to authentically journey with her clients on their path towards feeling better."

-Genell Howell, LMHC, MA, SCAC, SEP

"I have witnessed Dr. Gustin working with a high level of personal/professional integrity, incredible professional competence and steadfast ethical behavior. I have witnessed and am impressed with her professional judgment regarding her clients, colleagues and co-workers. Dr. Gustin is intelligent, approachable, dependable, compassionate, and flexible. Dr. Gustin holds the wellbeing of her clients in the highest regard. I believe she is an asset to the psychological community."

-Jennifer Mathis, Ph.D., LPC, LMHC

"Erin is a standout. She is a loyal, honest, considerate, and supportive person who has the ability to see and understand things from another person's perspective. I do not know of a better therapist or more compassionate friend."

-Jessica Averill

"I have been very pleased with the excellent medical care I have received from Keyna! She's one of the best diagnosticians I've ever had. I would highly recommend Keyna for your primary care provider."

Jimmy A.

"I absolutely love my doctor Keyna. She is attentive, caring and takes the time to make your visit feel valuable. She was amazing at guiding me especially since after my C-section. It’s nice to know a doctor and staff that cares so deeply about her patient's health! I highly recommend her." 

- Oge. O

"Rosey is such a great therapist! Right away I knew we were a match! I feel comfortable sharing things with her and respect what she has to say. She is always on time and responds in a timely manner ! Definitely would recommend her to anyone."

- T.H.

"Rosey helped me go through an unexpected devastating event that had affected me inside and out. I felt heard and understood. The tools she gave me were beyond my expectation of a therapy session. This was my first time seeking help. I'm very thankful and glad that I chose to stick with Rosey!"

- B.E.

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